After two consecutive heart failures in 2001, renowned Chef Jean Christian-Jury realized that he needed to make big lifestyle changes.  Although an insane work schedule and lack of sleep contributed to his ailments, Christian-Jury knew he also needed to give his diet a complete overhaul.  A switch to veganism was just what the doctor ordered, and since that switch the Chef has committed his life’s work to the exploration and education of a plant-based dietary lifestyle.

Vegan: The Cookbook offers over 500 recipes from over 150 countries and is colorfully broken down into course sections- including starters, soups and salads, main courses, pasta and noodles, and desserts.  There is also a section with Vegan recipes from a few of the world’s top chefs.  With this vast resource of vegan recipes, Christian-Jury demonstrates how hebivorous meals can encompass all flavor profiles.

Eating vegan has never been more accessible, and plant-based food has never looked so appealing. This cookbook is full of recipes that taste amazing, and make you feel amazing in turn.  

chickpea curry